Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dawn Star Press?

We are a locally owned and operated book publisher located in the Salt Lake valley of Utah. We specialize in team publishing. We focus on local authors, though we are always open to talent wherever we can find it.

What is team publishing?

Team publishing is a form of publishing based on innovative business principles, rather than the usual traditional publishing approaches. The author is paired up with specific people to help them with their book. Each book is treated like a business project and each person on the team has a vested interest in the success of the book.

How does team publishing differ from traditional publishing or self-publishing?

In traditional publishing, the publisher acquires an author’s work, then they make all the decisions about editing, design, distribution, marketing, and author publicity. The author is paid a royalty as a percentage of sales. The publisher makes their money from book sales (this is a very important point). They take all the risk, so it stands to reason that they should make all the decisions.
In self-publishing, the author is in complete control of their work. While this certainly has its appeal, this also means that the author is left on their own, without the assistance of people experienced in the publishing industry. While an author may be very clever, they can’t do it all. This has led to the creation of an entire industry that has popped up to serve self publishers. Editors, designers, printers, distributors and publicists are all available for hire to help out. The key failing in this system, however, is that these people make their money from the author, not from book sales. This has lead to an assembly line approach for many of these services and a predictable low quality. It is to the point now where many libraries and bookstores don’t allow self-published works on their shelves.
Team publishing tries to be a hybrid between the two extremes. Both author and publisher invest in the book and decisions about it are made jointly. This creates a product plan customized to the promotional strengths of the book and the author. Most importantly, the success of both parties is tied to book sales, which keeps all players focused and motivated.

Can anyone get published through Dawn Star Press?

No. This is not self-publishing, you cannot buy your way in. We consider queries and manuscripts just as carefully as traditional publishers. If anything, we are more selective, as we are a small house and must allocate our resources very carefully. Still, we are always on the lookout for new talent and are currently accepting queries.

How do I submit a query for consideration?

We currently handle all queries through email. Please send a query letter (not your manuscript) and the first three chapters of your book to We try to respond to all queries within two weeks.

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